San Francisco

January 2017


san francisco 

Scenes from the 7 x 7 city.


frank lloyd wright: vc morris gift shop

The small VC Morris gift shop has a ramp inside, that allows visitors to snake their way up the building. It is FLW's prototype for the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Very fitting, as San Francisco is a prototype-ing kind of town.



Designed by Pietro Belluschi and Pier Luigi Nervi in 1971. The hyperbolic paraboloid form creates a grace flow upwards for 190 feet and meet in a cross. 


inverness ranch

A family-run ranch outside Point Reyes. The rainy winter weather in California reveals the mystical side of the Golden State to this newcomer.




Windswept but always a beautiful view, the cabins at Steep Ravine are a gem. This shot was taken a few minutes before a rain storm swept into the area.