Your Taste, our Technology.

Launching in January 2017.

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We created Mosss to give you access to the world's greatest design talent and tools, all at your fingertips.

Why? Because not everyone can spend years in design school, but most of us have a home or space that we want to create in a thoughtful and meaningful way that reflects who we are. So we asked ourselves, what if we could give people a way to spend time with the world's greatest design talent? I wanted it to feel like you could have coffee with this person afterwards. We asked Bjarke Ingels. He said yes. then we asked Cliff Fong. He said yes too. I will forever be grateful to these folks for giving us a chance to share their knowledge with everyone when we were this crazy small startup with a crazy idea.

Why not stop at films? Why make tools? Films are great, but I really believe we're in an age where everyone can take their knowledge and become their own best designer. As tools become smarter and better, it means that they become more accessible to people without design backgrounds. So we pulled together the smartest friends we knew in data science and asked them to help us build a tool that could see like people see, and start to offer smart recommendations as a start. The result is the Mosss Room Reader.  After graduating from design school, I realized that there weren't many easy ways to go from inspiration to reality. I found myself 's-pinning' on Pinterest for hours, but not finding easy answers for product sourcing. So that was an easy first target - to build something that would scratch my own itch.

So who's on the team? We are a small group of data scientists, designers, engineers and architects. 3 of us did undergrad or Master's degrees in Architecture. Only half of us were born in America and spoke English as our first language. We have a balanced gender ratio of men to women  (rare in Silicon Valley, we know!). And we love this design stuff. We live and work in San Francisco, the town where Frank Lloyd Wright created his first prototype for the central spiral of the Guggenheim. You can see it here. I think it's a good metaphor for the kind of place from which we work, live and build.