Female Founder Hour

Female Founder Wellness Group: 6 sessions

Female Founder Wellness Group: 6 sessions


5 sessions with therapists / coaches; 1 session with just founders

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SESSION 1 // THURSDAY, April 18th? 5:30 - 7:30 

  • Introductions and Overview

  • Why there isn’t really a difference between ‘mental’ health and ‘physical’ health : Psycho Bio 101 (briefly)

  • Relationships and communication with cofounders, work spouses and teams (research-based antidotes)

  • Identifying toxicity patterns and predictors of relationship demise

SESSION 2 // THURSDAY, April 25th (tentatively), 5:30 pm - 7pm

  • Anxiety, depression and ‘loneliness at the top’

  • Understanding the body’s stress response

  • Burnout Prevention (Digital, psychological, etc.) and healthier work environments

SESSION 3 // TBA (tentatively) Thursday May 9th?

  • Concept of ‘The Heroine’s journey’

  • External pressure and criticism versus programmed, internal criticism.

  • The psychological cost of sexism and misogyny in the workplace and greater startup world

  • Invalidating confidence and ‘Imposter Syndrome’

SESSION 4 // TBA (tentatively) Thursday May 16th?

  • Burnout prevention Coping with unsupportive or tension-filled environments

  • Modern leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Asking for what you want, boundaries and essential leadership skills

SESSION 5 // TBA Thursday May ??

  • Research-based evidence for the impact of diet, exercise, and sleep (with actionables)

  • Links between physical health, diet, food and mental health

  • Mindfulness, self-care, best practices for moving forward

  • Group reflection

  • Discussion and unpacking of the topics from previous weeks

  • Recap and feedback for therapists, speakers.

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