Our Guest Bedroom has a Floyd bed!

Our guest bedroom is still a work in progress, but we got a bed! We decided to go with the Queen-sized Floyd bed in birch plywood for our guest bedroom. Here is how we thought about it: Reason #1) we're in an apartment where we don't think we'll be here forever, so we wanted something modular that we could pack up and move with easily. I figure if we can easily move it, it's a good investment because we're more likely to keep it for our next place. 2) Floyd's are easy to assemble. No Ikea monkey wrenches or wing nuts. No last minute trips to the hardware store! Reason #3) we liked the idea of getting a low, modern platform bed. Reason #4) It's pretty affordable, made in 'Murica, and made from high quality parts. (Ok that's a lot more than 4 reasons). FYI, this post was a collaboration with Floyd where I tested out the assembly and put their promises to the test!  

So here's what we did...Step 1: Open the box! As a heads up they come in several pieces and are kinda big and heavy. But everything comes flat packed. In your kit you get: plywood sheets, metal feet / supports, tensioning straps and very simple instructions, tools, and hardware. (Above are the individual plywood sheets (these comprise the base.) Again, kind of heavy, so an extra hand really helps. George was err, less helpful than Christiaan : ) 

Step 2: Arrange and Assemble! TBH, most of the 'building' process consisted of snapping things into place. Super simple and easy. Place the platform squarely where you want the bed to be. There are no special tools required, and we were done in under an hour.  The metal legs were heavy and high quality. George promptly jumped on top of the plywood to inspect our work. By the way, George told me to tell you that she will not judge you if it takes you longer than an hour to assemble.

Step 3: Secure the boards with tension cables. This requires a bit of straightening and helps if you have someone on the other side.


Step 4: Just Kidding, there is no Step 4. That's it for assembling the Floyd bed! Put the mattress on top and style : ) We were super excited to have a bed so quickly!

As a wise person once said, "You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé." You have things to do, empires to build, and dragons to raise. Get out there! 

Thanks, Floyd! (@floyddetroit) #collaboration

UPDATE: We're thinking about the Floyd headboard next and wondering what sheets and linens would go well. Thoughts? Find me on Instagram and ping me!

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