Our Master Bedroom

Turning a new leaf

When I'm not working on my startup Mosss, I'm usually working on furnishing our new apartment. I've been waiting patiently for our new headboards to arrive, and was so, so excited when they finally did (!) #worthit

(NOTE: I've been receiving a lot of questions about them, and if you're interested in purchasing the headboards please contact me: hello@mosss.com. I'm taking a limited number of pre-orders until May 1st. )

The headboards are made in curved, American oak and are so comfy. It kind of 'holds' you in place while you read, and when one person gets in and out of bed or moves, you don't have the jarring bounce back effect. I can adjust the soft saddle leather headrest to my height (I'm shorter than my husband so this is a big deal for me). I love how we can read together in bed, but each have our own cozy 'nook.'

I wanted something that felt unique, simple, and elegant and these were worth the wait. They really do make the master bedroom now that they're here and I'll be showing you the accessories and details moving forward to help 'style' it.

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